CLAY MASK 300 ml

Content : 300 ml

Scalp care.


Formulated if your hair tends to get greasy easily, softens, sanitizes, cleanses, soothes and refreshes

Directions for use

1. Apply the A, B or C Aromatic complex onto the scalp.  2. massage your scalp to spread the oil out. 3.– Apply the clay mask root by root on the scalp. 4. Leave-in 5 to 10 minutes. 5. Rinse thoroughly and apply the Clay shampoo.


An essential oil quality clay line soft for the skin. Comes in addition to the Aromatic complex suited to your scalp. The relaxing essential oil scent together with the modeling will provide you a real moment of well-being. The mask is solely applied on the scalp for 8 minutes. A real feeling of freshness ! Your scalp is restored, dirts are removed (toxins, silicones, pollution, dandruff). Ideal if your scalp tends get greasy, dandruff persistent or itching. Also suits the most sensitive skins.

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Information sheet

name inci assessment origin role
Kaolin (clay) inci inci inci Mineral Sanitizes and softens the scalp. Powerful absorbent, it regulates the secretion of the sebaceous glands.
Water inci inci inci Mineral Solvent.
Benzyl alcohol inci inci Synthetic Conservative.
Citric acid inci inci inci Bio-technology pH adjusting agent.
Hydrolyzed wheat protein (Wheat protein) inci inci inci Vegetable A hair amino-acid like, gives strength and brightness. Protects from dryness.
Sodium benzoate inci inci Synthetic Conservative.
Sodium lauryl glucose carboxylate inci inci inci Vegetable Foaming.
Lauryl glucoside inci inci inci Vegetable Foaming
Potassium sorbate inci inci Synthetic Conservative.
Cedrus atlantica bark oil**(Cedar essential oil) inci inci inci Vegetable Coats and holds the hair
Sodium chloride (salt) inci inci inci Mineral Viscosity controlling.
Eucalyptus globulus leaf oil**(Eucalyptus essential oil) inci inci inci Vegetable Sents and sanitizing
Mentha piperita oil**(Peppermint essential oil) inci inci inci Vegetable Soothes itching. Refreshindg and anti bacterial
Sorbic acid inci inci inci Synthetic Conservative.
Limonene*** inci inci Vegetable Aromatic substance from essential oils.
Cineol 1,8 inci inci Vegetable Aromatic substance from essential oils.
Alpha pinene inci inci Vegetable Aromatic substance from essential oils.

* Sources : le CosIng (Cosmetic Ingredient Database), l’Observatoire des Cosmétiques, La Vérité sur les Cosmetiques, le Flacon, Que Choisir, EWG Skin Deep

** Ingredients from organic farming

*** Natural allergen.

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