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Marcapar is the hairstyle modern and innovative approach. We aim at proposing a hairstyle experience based on care, beauty and wellness.

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Can we switch from chemical dye to herbal dye ?

Yes ant it is very common. The herbal dye is a care which improves the state and the aspect of the hair. However a diagnostic has to be carried out by a herbal dye hairdresser.

Why didn't marcapar take steps to get a label ?

We observed that labels were not a guarantee for quality. Indeed, we found out resorcinol, a harmful synthetic dye in a batch of labellised plants. We made the choice not to join this label but to work according our own requirement standards thus with a complete transparency. As a consequence all our range is manufactured and packaged in France and our products are not tested on animals but subjected to clinical tests.

We carefully select the raw materials. All the plants we use are first sent to independent labs. We can assure they are heavy metals free, pesticides free or synthetic dye free, PPD or resorcinol free.

At last, we are transparent and we communicate on our formulas and ingredients, we are truly aware that constant research and improvement have the main rôle to play in our approch.

Is herbal dye a 100 % white hair coverage ?

Definitely yes at 100 % whatever the herbal dye chosen. Moreover white hair enables the most beautiful blond shades, actually white hair is a real asset because it enables to achieve highlights.

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