No to harmful products!

No to harmful products!

Herbal vs Chemical

After a craze for chemical dye based on petrochemical processes, many studies were conducted and determined the harmmful effects of these dyes in the health (allergies, cancers) and their consequences on the environment water pollution). It's high time to stand up for healthy products and to say no to harmful products.

Chemical dye vs herbal dye

Chemical dye makes the hair brittle ruling out its scales to let the synthetic dye through. Amonia open the scales and boosts the oxide which burns the hair natural pigments. The dyeing method weakens the hair structure making it dull and rough. It is highly necessary to use acid products to seal the scales.  The hair becomes sensitive until its regrowth. This process is also agressive for the scalp and can increase sensitivity causing itching..

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Towards a nature-friendly dye : the herbal dye

The plant bath naturally magnetizes to the hair and coats it creating a sheath which strengthens and protects it. The herbal dye overlaps without modifying the hair structure. Herbal pigments coats the hair making it thicker and glossier while maintaining its elasticity.

The power of the plants

Herbal dye vs chemical dye !

Schéma du cheveu avec une coloration végétale

The herbal pigments naturally magnetize to the hair sheathing it colouring the hair cuticle.

Thus, each dye is unique, it is a blend from the natural hair colour basis and the colour chart.

Cheveux naturels

The alcaline agent rules out the hair scales. Melamine based pigments are burnt by the oxidant ( the hair is lightened). Synthetic pigments enter the cortex colouring it.

Thus, melamine-based pigments are mainly removed replaced by synthetic ones. Acid products must be used to close the hair scales, therefore the hair structure is weakened

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