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Treat yoursel to the benefits of nature

Become a herbal dye hairdresser

Marcapar provides you with the opportunity to stand out from your competitors and to build up a new clientele. Through our learning and coaching programmes you add new services for your customers within only one week.

Instant benefits

Marcapar is primarily a means to stand out while giving greater prominance to the expertise and know-how of the hairdresser. That’s why our products are solely available at our Marcapar hairsalons partners.

As a partner you will benefit from our advertising campaigns and discounts through referencing on our site and organic fairs providing you optimum visibility together with the development of a new customer base.

A new job !

Embracing the position of a Marcapar herbal dye hairdresser means be part of the Marcapar Hair Chefs network. Become a partner simply by undergoing training in our Herbal Institution.

Then, you will take over the endless power of tinctorial plants which wil enable you to perform herbal dyes from a wide range of colour possibilities. You will get unique results since each dye is based on a hair pre-analysis perfectly suited to our clients and future clients hair.

Take care of yourself and your clients

So far, the hairdresser job is classified as a risky position. Actually, you may incur respiratory disorders, skin diseases entailing heightened cancer risks related to the use of harmful chemicals (i.e. Aromatic amines or nitrosamines contained in chemical dyes).

Opting for herbal dye is being aware of these hazards and acting for the good of your health and your clients’ health.

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