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Don’t wait any longer to carry out your project

Become a herbal dye hairdresser

Join today the herbal revolution ! Become a herbal dye hairdresser and get trained in our herbal institution.

The herbal has its own school !

Since 30 years Christian Roche has been the pionner of herbal dye in France and passed on his knowledge to his team thus ensuring the best herbal dye hairdresser training.

In the Québec you will meet Vincent BONHOMME our brand am- bassador, the place where you will be trained to the use of aromatic and tinctorial plants together with essential and vegetable oils. You will learn our treatment protocol, the way to apply a herbal dye as well as cosmeto vigilance for a better understanding on cosmetic labels.

You will also learn the essential of out new communication tools that will contribute to the success of your project.

Our trainig program is over two days (Monday and Tuesday) together with a technical follow-up. An advanced programmeis also available on request.

Training program

Opens up prospects to the hairdresser job and ensures the development of knowledge and know-how through apprenticeship of new working methods.
Ensures the development of your skills and your autonomy allowing a personalized support dedicated to each of your client. Our training warrants the kow-how of a herbal dye hairdresser.

  • Learn the properties of tinctorial plants (chamomile, henae, indigo ...)
  • Learn the application protocol on test clients
  • Master our whole dyes through intense hands-on workshops and our technical follow-up
  • Have a look on our professional product range
  • Learn aromatherapy with vegetable and essential oils
  • Learn and feel the art of vegetable and essential oil massage
  • Learn more about our tricks to save time
  • Test your ability on test clients

Week training on request

Joining the Hair Chefs network gives you the opportunity to learn this new job of herbal dye hairdresser and to increase your knowledge of plants.

It is a lifestyle change, an awareness to the benefits of natural products. The Hair Chefs network took into account all these elements to meet your clientele needs and requests.
Don’t wait any longer to carry out your project become a herbal dye hairdresser

Prochaines sessions de formation

Discover our 100% herbal dye benchmark hairsalon

A 100 % herbal hairsalon , yes we can !

The Jardin d'art is the Marcapar benchmark in Quebec and also features the Marcapar training center. It is located in Montreal city center. Here no room for chemical products, our hairsalon is 100 % herbal. The clientele is loyal and the turnover does not decrease.

A 100 % herbal is possible and the demand is ever-growing. The organic or natural market follows a 10 % yeraly progression, our leading hairsalon can testify .
Besides a training based on excellence we offer you the opportunity yo visit our hairsalon even before you train. Have no more doubt in mind, try our discovery days !

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