Marcapar advocates for plant benefits

Marcapar advocates for plant benefits

The herbal dye, our struggle!

Dull, brittle hair, illnesses, allergies...go hand in hand with chemical dye. Therefore Marcapar was born. A hair breakthrough led from 1991 which refuses harmful ingredients and advocates for the nature and the virtues of the plants onto the scalp and the hair. Imagine a world where every people would have access to hygiene and care coming from the herbal world... the herbal dye , our struggle !

Why marcapar ?

Stop to harmful ingredients ! Chemicals harms your scalp and your hair health. At Marcapar you can care both your hair and your scalp. Herbal dyes then shampoos, cares, stylings... Our range of products has been developped in line with nature and with our commitment to remain faithful to our vow of transparency on our formulas. We stongly believe in the power of plants that's why plants are not a value added product but the basis of our products.

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Everything begins with plants …

If we take back a principle coming from antique times : the dye of textiles but this time applied to the hair. The recipe ? Tinctorial plants decoction and infusion : The herbal dye is born. Marcapar advocates for plant benefits allowing to style, dye, moisturize, sanitize hair and scalp but also provides protection, colour and scent.

The power of plants

Marcapar's core business is the herbal dye. Years of research and tests to develop unique recipes enabling to match every hair colour. From now on, Marcapar proposes a complete range of cares and stylings matching all scalps and hair types aiming at one goal : our products, formulas and tags transparency. Our mission is to make clear what is hidden behind a complex terminology of latin and scientific words. The range Marcapar has been formulated with great care and is based on the knowledge of the riches of nature.