Les colorations végétales

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Marcapar herbal dyes are efficient on every hair colour, they cover 100% white hair and suit pregnant women.

Dyeing hairdressers switching to herbal dye are fondamentally concerned about their collaborators and customers well-being. Hair Chefs members took time ans steps to undertake technical training sessions to learn their job again.

Herbal dyes are plants ground into a very thin powder (300 microns). The thinner the powder is , the more the exchange surfaces are important. This involves a better herbal pigment coated hair.

The tinctorial powder is poured into warm water or into a decoction. The powder swells and spreads slowly its pigments into the liquid. The resulted mixture is then applied first on the roots then on the lengths.

The Marcapar dyeing range offers a wide colour chart almost endless because each dye is unique since it is a blend between the natural hair colour and the herbal dye.

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Marcapar has created decoctions and the junction to widen its range and customize its dye results. Furthermore white hair is a real asset as far as it enables more highlights effects and shades although it can be a 100% hair covering.

The herbal dye has its limit, it can't lighten the hair. Only flavonoid and quinone plant based for warm shades. Child blond, blond, strawberry blond, copper blond,intense copper red and the base 1 can dye white hair in only one application with a 10 to 35 minutes pause.

Our three decoctions make us unique : tue purple, red and black decoctions enables Hair Chefs to bring intensity to hair shades.