Content : 200 ml

Moisturizing shampoo.


Carefully formulated with ultra-gentle cleansing agents and herbal extracts, proteins and laminaria digitata (seaweeds), the shampoo restructures dry hair, resprcts natural scalp and hair balance.

Directions for use

1. Apply the shampoo on dry hair and scalp. 2. Massage and leave on 2 minutes. 3. Emulsify and rinse. 4. Daily use.


Its ultra gentle cleansing basis enriched with Laminaria algae cleanses while restructuring dry, brittle or frizzy hair. Its herbal extract emulsion rich in iodine, vitamins, minerals and oligo elements is of nutritive value and enables to strengthen the natural hair sheath.

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Information sheet

name inci assessment origin role
Water inci inci inci Mineral Solvent.
Caprylyl/Capryl Glucoside inci inci inci Vegetable Non-ionic surfactant. Emulsifying.
Glycerin inci inci inci Vegetable Moisturizing, makes hair soft and shiny. Volumizes and ease styling.
Laminaria digitata extract (seaweed) inci inci inci Vegetable Mineral-rich, nourish, moisturize and soften the hair.
Sodium chloride (salt) inci inci inci Mineral Viscosity controlling.
Acacia senegal gum (Acacia gum) inci inci inci Vegetable Thickener.
Xanthan gum inci inci inci Vegetable Thickener.
Benzyl alcohol inci inci Synthetic Conservative.
Sodium benzoate inci inci Synthetic Conservative.
Decyl alcohol inci inci inci Vegetable Non-ionic surfactant. Emulsifying.
Dehydroacetic acid inci inci inci Synthetic Conservative.
Caprylic alcohol inci inci inci Vegetable Non-ionic surfactant. Emulsifying.
Potassium sorbate inci inci Synthetic Conservative.
Glucose inci inci inci Vegetable Humectant.

* Sources : le CosIng (Cosmetic Ingredient Database), l’Observatoire des Cosmétiques, La Vérité sur les Cosmetiques, le Flacon, Que Choisir, EWG Skin Deep

** Ingredients from organic farming

*** Natural allergen.

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