Les complexes aromatiques

A protocol which ensures all scalp types wellness

100% aromatic complex

The three aromatic complex have a common basis made of three vegetable oils  : wheat germ oil, jojoba oil and sesame oil.

Essential oil combinations differ so as to cover every scalp type. The aromatic complex is applied onto the scalp, then a massage is carried out to relax enabling a better oil performance.

The complex can be applied the day before the shampoo, it will proceed during the night. It is important to supplement the care with a clay/kaolin mask and a cleansing shampoo.

A-Aromatic complex : soothing oil

Soothes dry or irritated scalp and removes dandruff. Its 4 essential oils combined with three vegetable oils brings to the A-Aromatic complex a soothing and moisturizing ability. Its aromas are herbaceous and refreshing.


B-Aromatic complex : refreshing oil

Gives intense freshness, sanitizes and restores the scalp balance. Stimulates the scalp and protects it from pollution. B-Complex aromas are herbaceous and mentholated.


C-Aromatic complex : stimulating oil

Forms a moisturizing film, decongests the scalp and curbs hair loss. C-Aromatic complex are herbaceous, flowered and woody.